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                                                 Pet Boarding


We make it our priority to provide your dog or cat with a clean, comfortable and safe environment while they are our guests.  Dogs have two options when boarding with us: they may stay in one of our spacious runs with clear glass fronts and solid dividers between each dog.  This is our most popular option.  Some dogs may also prefer staying in the central treatment area of the hospital where they get more chance for socializing with our staff members.  Central treatment area boarding is in a cage.  In either case, dogs are let outdoors a minimum of two times per day in a secure and hygienically maintained outdoor exercise area.



The standard boarding rate for each night is $19 per dog and $15 per cat.  Our standard in-house diet of Science Diet Maintenance is included in this price.  Dogs from the same household that have good relations with each other may share a run together.  The cost for an additional dog in a shared run is $10 per dog per day. We will allow shared runs from same household dogs at our discretion based on dog sizes and temperements.



We welcome you bringing your pet's usual food to feed while staying with us.  It is fine if you do not bring food too.  We provide Science Diet Maintenance dry food as our standard in-house diet.


Personal Belongings

Clean and comfortable bedding is provided during your pet's stay.   We encourage you to leave your pet's bedding at home.  Special blankets may become soiled or torn up by your pet.  We cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged items left during the stay due to the unpredictable nature of pets while away from home.  Your pet will have clean and comfortable bedding but maybe not his "special" bedding during his stay with us.



Dogs and cats boarding with us need to be current with their vaccinations.  This generally would include the following:



Proof of current rabies vaccination status.

Proof of current Distemper-Hepatitis-Parvovirus (DHP) status. Three year vaccination protocol or titer results accepted.

Proof of current Bordetella status. A 6 month intra-nasal or one year injectable bordetella is considered current.

It is important to note that vaccination for bordetella does not prevent a dog from being susceptible to developing kennel cough symptoms.  The vaccination may serve to reduce the severity and duration of kennel cough symptoms if exposed.  Fortunately, we have a small group of dogs in a very large and well ventilated area.  This has historically made the incidence of kennel cough with our boarding guests very uncommon.



Proof of current rabies vaccination status

Proof of current Distemper/Upper Respiratory status.  Three year vaccination protocol or titers accepted.


We strongly encourage you to have your pet's vaccinations performed a minimum of 2-3 weeks prior to arrival for boarding.  This ensures that high levels of protective antibody will be in effect during their whole stay.  Vaccinations performed close to or during their stay may be less effective in providing your pet protection in the short term when it is most needed.



In the event that your pet is found to have external parasites including fleas or mites he will be treated with topical medication "Revolution" upon discovery of the problem.  This protects other guests from acquiring parasite problems and makes your pet happier too!  There is additional cost for this product if needed to be applied.

We encourage but do not require that you have your pet checked at least once per year by a veterinarian for internal parasites.  This is best performed by submitting a suitable fecal sample to your vet for an "Ova and Parasite by  Zinc Sulfate Centrifugation Method Analysis with an additional Giardia Antigen Test"



Boarding Kennels




We want to make sure that you are aware that pets boarding with us, although in an animal hospital building, are not actually hospitalized or under direct medical supervision.  We provide clean surroundings, nutritious food and a safe environment but medical observation is not within the scope of the boarding pricing.  Our staff is trained to be observant and attentive to changes in behaviors and eating habits of the guests.  This is usually more than adequate for healthy pets.  We do not include or make any representation that constant observation and in-depth monitoring occurs during your pets stay.  If your pet has a medical condition requiring extra attention, it is most appropriate for them to be hospitalized.  Please let us know of this need so that appropriate arrangements may be made.

Alternate Pet Boarding and Sitting Options


"Your Dogs Five Star Resort"
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Happy Pet Animal Care

Pet Sitting/House Sitting

Call Angie Hanson at (208) 625-0929

or email: angiehanson@hotmail.com