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                              Reduced Cost Veterinary Care


  There is no question that the costs associated with quality veterinary care continue to rise.  Drug costs, labor costs and higher standards of care constantly raise the costs that veterinarians must charge their clients just to stay in business.  These costs coupled with a generally challenging economy have left many unable to attend to such basic needs as vaccinations and spay-neuter care for their pets.  We at Lakewood Animal Hospital work very hard to provide high value and reasonable costs for our clients and patients.  Sometimes even these efforts to offer affordable care do not get the cost to a level that can be afforded by all.  For those in financial need, we would like to recommend the services of the Kootenai Humane Society S.P.O.T Program.  The Kootenai Humane Society, through the generous donations from members of the community, provides low cost, quality services such as spay, neuter and vaccinations.  The outline of the program is included below.  Please make contact with the Kootenai Humane Society if you need further assistance.


Who qualifies?
Families who are receiving federal or state financial assistance or otherwise meet the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

How do I apply?
Pick up an application and fill one for each pet you wish to receive services. Bring completed application to the monthly distribution site along with proof of income or financial assistance and your co-payment. -application form-


For the next voucher distribution time and location, please call Kootenai Humane Society for details.


How much does it cost?

Spay & Neuter Co-Payment

  • A Voucher - Male Cat Neuter -$20
  • B Voucher - Female Cat Spay - $25
  • C Voucher -Male Dog Neuter - $25
  • D Voucher - Female Dog Spay - $30
  • E Voucher - Female Dog Spay (50 lbs+) -$35

Vaccines Co-Payment

  • Dog DA2PPV - $10
  • Dog Bordetella - $10
  • Dog Rabies - $10
  • Dog Combo - DA2PPV /Bordetella/Rabies - $20
  • Cat FVRCP - $10
  • Cat Rabies - $10
  • Cat Combo - FVRCP/Rabies - $15

For more information, visit the Kootenai Humane Society website.